Health, Vitamins & Nutrition Resources:

Healthbook Summaries

Holistic Moms Network

Holistic Pediatric Association

Honest Food Guide

Mayo Clinic

National Center for Homeopathy


Natural Standard

Find a Vitamin or Supplement Center – WebMD

Weight-Control Information Network – NIH

Food Environment Atlas – USDA

Examine – Supplements Compendium – is a compendium on supplements. Akin to Wikipedia, we are a site that allows people to submit updates to the site. Unlike Wikipedia, we have editors that oversee all content. Only properly cited facts are published.


Advocacy for Nutritional & Dietary Supplements:

Natural Health Research Institute (NHRI)

A select list of organizations actively advocating for natural health issues:

Alliance for Natural Health – USA (ANH-USA)
American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)
Alliance for Natural Health – Europe
Your Voice for Health
Coalition to Preserve DSHEA
Natural Products Association (NPA)
Organic Trade Association (OTA)
Save Our Supplements